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As a Project Manager, you are responsible for connecting clients and teams and are able to review and manage aspects of the project per day. Join immediately if you’re an analytical person, have organizational skills, and a problem solver. You will have more opportunities to learn technology and establish relationships from various industries directly from our CEO.

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Job Description

  • Responsible for the planning, arrangement, and motivation of the team in achieving high performance and quality work.
  • Able to provide project results with outstanding business value to the user. • Experienced in allocating resources and project priority management.
  • Facilitate discussion and consensus between teams and clients.
  • Manage and review programming team execution plans
  • Contribute to team building, coaching, counseling, review, and job assessment.
  • Build a detailed project plan and observe project progress and manage changes that occur whether the project scale, schedule, or cost.


  • Minimum 1 year work experience in information technology project management.
  • Overseas graduates are a plus
  • Have a good experience and understanding of websites and programming applications on mobile.
  • Have good oral and written skills.
  • Able to detect issues and risks that could potentially occur pro-actively, and provide solutions that can be implemented either directly / not to delay the work timeline, budget and business operations.
  • Knowing programming capabilities is a plus.
  • Being able to operate Project Management support applications such as Trello, Pivotal, and others is a plus.
  • Experience running SCRUM and Agile is a plus.

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