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Who We Are

Our passion is to create a professional engineering service experience and  for customers, to sustainably participate in developing this country and moving together with industrial players.





In responding to the rapid changes and high demand in local industrial sector, Pentraco was established in Jakarta in 1 993 and formally registered as a limited company in the year 2001. 

As a reliable partner, Pentraco team has strong engineering background and experiences in many areas to assist customers finding the right solutions, trouble-shooting, improving productivities with high standard safety commitment.

For trading & engineering, we are focusing on industries such as petrochemical & chemical, pulp & paper, oil & gas, power plant, pharmaceutical, food & beverages and other category of industries, while in construction business we are engaging in CME (Civil, Mechanical & Electrical) implementing work such as engineering work for installing M&E parts, HVAC equipment & parts, fire protection system for high rise buildings.


Agility, Flexibility, and the willingness to succeed are three key drivers at Pentraco. The company is underpinned by an ethos of sheer determination to offer a wide variety of services, all at a high standard, and industry demands what path the company follows next. We have developed different systems internally to gain the experience and the know-how to penetrate new markets, with the aim of providing the most professional supply & engineering service in the region. We have done a lot of work recently trying to understand where we add value and how we can offer to the markets we serve. We believe this is a shift in global business and are keen to embrace the trend.

For Pentraco, flexibility, versatility, and group capability are critical. The company takes great pride in saying, “there is hardly anything we cannot assist with.” Highlighting Pentraco’s believe that we are solution based. We offer solutions for our customers’ problems and challenges, allowing them to conduct business faster and more effectively. While much of company’s expertise has been centered on designing and technical solutions, Pentraco has

been developing its capability within EPCI engineering to the energy and industrial companies.

We offer all our employees external training, allowing them to gain important qualifications and insight. We also have a robust internal training structure and put a lot of empasis on the importance of local knowledge. We want our employees to feel part of the solution for customers, and that entrepreneurial spirit drives growth and innovation at the business. We are also dedicated to employing, and investing in our employees’ labor